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Default The Joys & Pleasures of Cycling on Trails

I've never met a great saint; no, you don't

Nonsense, you have met ME via this newsgroup. You probably
know ME now as well as anybody in this world. And you have to admit, I am no
ordinary saint.

You possess none of the attributes of a saint ...

Actually, the fatality rate ... derived from data

provided by one M J Vandeman ... is 0.00123 per million miles travelled.
So, much safer than driving.

You are quite right about driving being about the most
dangerous thing any of us can do. However, mountain biking is actually quite
dangerous. For every death there are most likely hundreds if not thousands of
injuries. Is that your idea of recreation - to be risking life and

Yes, am quite prepared to take a relatively low risk in order to be active and enjoy my life. If I fall off, which I do periodically, then I view it philosophically as the price to be paid.

As it's my life and limb I am fully entitled to do so.

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