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Default Saddle/Shorts/HRM/Training Tips ???

Hey All,

I'm riding in an MS-150 and am about to purchase some new items for the
training and ride. I've ridden once before, but it was years ago.

I'm considering a new saddle, shorts and maybe even an HRM. I'd like to
make the most out of my training rides and have heard good things about
HRMs. I have very little saddle time this year and 2months to prepare. I'm
6' 195lbs.

In the past I've experienced numbness after rides (saddle) and some pains
shooting from my knee down my leg I changed to a better shoe when I was
experiencing burning in the middle of my foot as well.

I'd like to approach this ride as best as possible and could use suggestions
on those pieces of equipment in particular. I've read thru reviews on Still, I'm wondering if there isn't a better place to
be looking for reviews.

Saddle: So far I think I've narrowed the saddle down to a Koobi Au Enduro
per good reviews...not too pricey either.

Shorts: I've read some good things about both the Sugoi and Performance
Elite Multi-L in terms of longer rides.

HRM: No clue. I'd love one that I can download to PC and see a visual of
how my training is going, but they're soo expensive... and being that I'm
just a novice, I'm probably crazy to even be looking at those higher models.

I'm so inexperienced at this that I even have fundamental questions such as
how many pairs of shorts is best....any logic to it that escapes me besides
the obvious "Depends on how often I do laundry"? I could also use some
suggestions on shirts/socks material.

Finally, where can I get the best deal on all these things? I've decided to
allow myself a budget of $500. I may have to do without some things, but
I'm sure thats more than enough to get me thru.

Endurox R4 is a drink I used last time I trained for the ride and remember
feeling as if it helped. Anything newer/better that I should consider?

Thanks for any info. I know I've bounced all over with topics. I sincerely
appreciate any suggestions.

Also, if anybody has any training tips based on: 2months 'til the ride,
practically zero saddle time in the last 6mo... I have an indoor trainer
and can manage one good practice ride per week. I have a cyclometer, a
decent bike (old schwinn circuit w/newer ultegra gears...downtube shifters),
an ugly pair of Sidi genius 3's, and a camelback along w/some basic tools.

Thanks again,


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