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Mathieu Peyréga
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Default Provence this September


I will be going next month on TGV (Paris-St. Jean de Luz and then

I do have a bike bag 120 x 90 cm but I know the large luggage racks at the
end of carriages (which is what I used last two years) are now sealed off
according to SNCF.
Where can one put the disassembled bike on the TGV carriage?

I'm not sure wether the luggage racks are still closed but you may be
Anyway, SNCF did not changed the rules and bikes are still allowed...
I suggest you should try to arrive early at the station (no more than 20
minutes early : trains arrive in the terminal-stations 20 minutes before
the time to leave). Getting there early will let you have your
dissassembled bike in the luggage compartment above your seat. They are
quite big and I know it can be done. The last solution is just to let it
in the lobby next to your seat and to move it when it is an issue (child
seats and so on...)

The other issue is : what do you do with your bag then ? Do you carry it
all over your trip ?


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