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Default Go Mayo Go! Iban the Man , Can!!

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Now we have a genuine exotic underdog to root for.

I hope Mayo tears up a mtn stage and drops Lance
by about two minutes
like Pantani did to hundreds of thousands of
absolutely screaming tifosi.

Then Mayo will be 2 minutes behind instead of four.

I think Lance has done great things for the
cancer sufferer communi5ty, but he shamed himself after that stage by
calling Pantani " a little
**** starter". I'm sure he cringes when he thinks of that now.

I doubt if he gives it another thought.

Mayo prob can't win but it will be great if he
can set a stage on fire to break the boredom
of another perfectly planned, incredibly funded Postal

The mediocre are always uncomfortable in the presence of those who excel.

How does that money work anyway? Does postal have like twice
the budget for rider salaries?
Maybe they should limit budgets like the limit bike weights.
Have more teams instead.

Maybe we should just skip the TdF and make the Little 500 a pro event so
everyone can ride their AMF Roadmaster bicycles.

Lance, please stop winning this race and do the Giro so
cycling can do something new!

I've never noticed your name in this newsgroup before, so I guess you're new
to the sport and don't realize that A SIXTH WIN IN THE TOUR DE FRANCE WOULD
BE HISTORIC! Historic means new ... never been done before.

Bob C.


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