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Default Court Ruling Closes Trails, Says Mountain Biking Ruins Solitude

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Court Ruling Closes Trails, Says Mountain Biking Ruins Solitude [DUH!]

Montana mountain bikers recently learned that they will see trail
access cut from 170 miles to just 20 miles in Montana's Hyalite-
Porcupine-Buffalo Horn wilderness study area. Mike Van Abel, IMBA's
executive director, said, "IMBA joined the legal proceedings and
provided written testimony asserting that mountain biking does not
compromise a landscape's wilderness attributes. Unfortunately the
judge did not follow our guidance, which puts mountain bike access in
a precarious place -- in Montana and elsewhere."

There is nothing in your post that supports your assertion that the judge
said anything like that. Indeed, the only indication given as to the
is that biking does not compromise the wilderness attributes. We have no
idea what the issues are in this decision, but wilderness sensitivity
appears to be higher on the list of justifications than solitude that you
may or may not enjoy.

Please post the original transcript so we can see if your enjoyment even
entered the court case, or if the issues were entirely different -- as I
suspect will be the case because you are a known liar.

You are dummer than a rock! I just quoted IMBA, which you would know
if you followed that link. Take your complaint to THEM (I know you
won't, because you are a coward).

The IMBA contribution does not support your wild assertion that a court
ruled that biking ruins solitude.

You lied, that's my only point here. You told a lie and can't provide the
support to prove it isn't a lie, therefore by your own definition, you are a
liar. The only way out of the lies you tell is to provide the proof that it
isn't a lie.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

I take it back. You aren't even as smart as a rock. A QUOTE, by
definition, is not a lie. I quoted IMBA. If anyone lied, it is IMBA.
And you, because you accused me of lying, when you should have known
that IMBA said it. Sheesh. Of course, you will never admit that you
were wrong, because you are dishonest to the core -- just like the
mountain bikers you defend..

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