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Default Court Ruling Closes Trails, Says Mountain Biking Ruins Solitude

"Shraga" wrote in message

If you quoted IMBA, where is the reference? That's plagiarism, hardly
what anyone would consider "honest."

Since you chose the coward's route and hid the remainder of the
article (i.e., the truth), I'll post it for you again so everyone else
can read what it actually said and draw their own objective

For those who are interested, there are additional links following the
article providing further information and ways to get involved, if you
choose to side with the mountain bikers. If you choose Dr. Vandeman's
side, I'm sure he has advice for you, perhaps like posting on archaic
news groups with limited readership, writing letters to the editor of
your local paper, preaching to the converted, and ranting like a

You are describing IMBA of course. A more criminal organization has never

From IMBA's 4/12/10 email to their mailing list:

"The judge's decision was not based on environmental impacts caused by
mountain biking. It was intended to increase other trail users'
feeling of solitude.

As usual Mr. Vandeman is 100% correct and everyone else (all the dumb
mountain bikers) are 100% wrong. It was part of the IMBA release and did
not require any quotation marks. After all, these newsgroups are mainly
for idiots, not scholars. Anyone who wants to read what the court actually
said is free to do so.



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