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Default Mountain Biker Cracks a Rib and Punctures His Lung

Bicyclists claim to want equal treatment, but I haven't heard any of
them asking to be required to file an accident report when they have
an injury-causing accident, the way motor vehicle drivers are required
to do so!!! Maybe that requirement would help the authorities properly
assess the impacts of mountain biking!


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 10:00:18 -0700
Subject: Doug Walsh steppin' up

As the head of the ride leader development program Doug doesn't just
talk, he walks the walk.

Only an hour into yesterday's Dungeness ride we had a rider (sorry I
didn't quite catch his name) slide out on a moss slick wooden bridge
crack a rib. I came upon the scene with Doug, and I he didn't even
hesitate in volunteering to walk out with the rider and take him to
clinic for the rest of the afternoon.

Yes it had to be done but still difficult to give up your sunny day
in the Olympics after organizing the ride and getting up early and
taking the ferry etc.

Way to go Doug and I hope the injured rider is going to be okay,
although he probably won't be mountain biking for several weeks if he
did indeed break a rib in his upper back area.

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