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Default Mountain Biking - Ban vs. Compromise

On Fri, 10 Jun 2016 15:00:48 -0500, "EdwardDolan"

wrote in message ...

After carefully trying to observe the "damage" that bikes cause I noted that the bikes cause the damage of smoothing out the rain ruts on soft ground and making no damage on hard ground except where kids on bike tried to jump logs laying across the trail from rain or wind fallen trees. It sure is terrible that a fallen tree can have chunks carved out of it by sprokets.

I am not overly concerned about the damage that bikes do to trails. I suspect most damage is done to trails when bikes are ridden on wet surfaces. Mike Vandeman is the expert on that. I am concerned about the damage that mountain bikes do to the psyche of hikers.

Oh, a bloke who was convicted of, what was it, assault with a weapon?
is your hero?

Who will you deify next? An axe murdered?

So what you are really complaining about is that you don't want anyone else using "your" trails.

This borders on a John B.ull**** response. Be careful I donít treat you like I do him. The reasons why I donít want bikes on trails is all here on this newsgroup. I am not going to go over and over old material for your benefit. Either get up to speed or get lost.

Nope, don't bother to go over it. Keep it a secret clutched to your

After all if you were to actually divulge your secrets we'd all
discover that you have no reasons at all. Except "NO, NO, I won't have
it, I forbid you?". Sort of "you can't play with MY toys".

Ed Dolan the Great Ė Minnesota

Of course "Great". Great Prevaricator.


John B.


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