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Default The high cost of mountain biking!

"John B." wrote in message

On Sun, 3 Jul 2016 09:53:15 -0500, "EdwardDolan"

"John B." wrote in message
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On Wed, 29 Jun 2016 23:56:50 -0500, "EdwardDolan"

Others always profess interest in me whereas I never profess any interest
others. That is because I am not interested in others - and that is also
I am Great and you aren't. Hells Bells, even John B.(Bull****ter) is not
interested in you like he is in Me. I suppose I should be flattered, but
what idiots like the two of you say or think does not register on a mind
Great as mine. Greatness requires Greatness and that is something I will
never find on Usenet. Alas, only Lilliputians reside here.

Incidentally Doolie, I heard, on another site, the term "Fagot"or

maybe it was "Faggot" mentioned in connection with your name. I looked
in the dictionary and I see "Faggot - a bundle of sticks and branches
bound together". Were they referring to your mentality? "Dumb as a
Faggot"? I grew up in northern New England and it was "dumb as a
stump", in the local vernacular.

The only dumb faggot here is yoursefl.

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great – Minnesota

Ah, an explanation.

As I know that I am not a bundle of wood, so he must he equating
"faggot" to the other kind. The ones that don't look like a bundle of
sticks, so it seems likely that the other references I read about
Dolan as a "faggot" must have been a description of his habits rather
than of his mental capacity.

O.K., now that we've got that cleared up and he is "out of the closet"

so to speak, are there any scintillating descriptions of his
activities while hanging around the public toilets? Gee.... that must
be an exciting pastime. Smelly, but than, I guess that some probably
get excited from smells.

Someone wrote a song, "Pretty as a Rose, I believe the title may have

been that has a few lines in it, "He's pretty as a rose; He wears his
sister's clothes, We don't know what to call him; But we think he's
one of those."

One can only speculate who (or maybe "what") that description fits.

But in thinking about it one can only wonder. After all, a bloke who's

parents pay him to stay away for ten years.... who is publicly
referred to as a "faggot"..... Well there is an old saying that "no
smoke, no fire".

Ah well, in the U.S. apparently it is no longer hidden. I see that the

U.S. Military now accepts "deviants", I think they referred to them

Anyone who is as interested in the subject of faggots as you have
demonstrated above means of course that you are one yourself. Since you have
let the cat out of the bag, why not just own up to it and quit beating about
the bush? No one in the world cares about your sexual fornications. Why not
be proud of being a faggot? You have lots of company these days.



John B.

Take your "cheers" and shoved it up your ass, you dumb ****ing moron.

Most repair manuals are far more interesting than you, and far less turgid
to read. I'd get more pleasure from running my nostrils down a cactus, than
reading another contribution from you. Maybe you wouldn't come across as
such a jellyfish-sucking mental midget if you didn't have an intellect
rivaled only by the Village Idiot's stupider brother;

Here's a tip: no one will ever know that you've had a lobotomy if you wear a
wig to hide the scars; stop posting your drivel on message boards, and learn
to control the slobbering. Clearly, the full area of your ignorance is not
yet mapped. We are presently only exploring the fringes of that vast

Are you normally this dumb or are you just having a blonde moment? Wouldn't
clues have more room to fit in your head if you got rid of some of the
gobbledygook in there?

In closing, I offer these heartfelt words: Go suck on a frozen pineapple,

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great – Minnesota


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