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On Sat, 06 Aug 2016 23:26:28 -0300, Joy Beeson

Never carry an empty bottle away from a source of drinking water.

I'll confess to disobeying that rule twice in one trip.

On 19 July, I started off with one bottle of tea, one bottle of
switchel, and a bottle of ice and water in my cooler. I topped off
the tea and switchel at every drinking fountain I passed, so the ice
water was still untouched when I came to Pike Lake Park on my way
back. The tea bottle was empty, but I still had some highly-diluted

I wasn't surprised that the water coming out of the fountain was hot
-- but I was surprised that the longer I ran it, the hotter it got.
When I got to feeling guilty about running so much water onto the
sidewalk, I filled the bottle and emptied it on the thirsty grass in
the pathway three times, and the water was still hotter than when I'd
begun. I concluded at this point that the water couldn't be coming
directly from an underground pipe and began to entertain serious
doubts about its potability. I filled up the empty bottle in case I
got desperate, but didn't contaminate my partial bottle.

When I got to Owen's East, I dumped the now-lukewarm water on some
grass that wasn't nearly as thirsty as the grass in Pike Lake Park,
drank the half inch remaining in the ice-water bottle and refilled it
at Owen's drinking fountain, and brought the other two bottles home

A bottle had been lasting me half an hour, it was a fifteen-minute
ride, and I would pass two more drinking fountains.


On a recent ride, I stopped at the same fountain just to check: to my
surprise, it ran cold from the get-go. And the sidewalk wasn't wet,
suggesting that it hadn't just been run out cold.

I didn't top off my bottles.

Joy Beeson
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