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Default Stronger rubber cement?

On Tue, 03 Jan 2017 17:04:40 -0800, Joerg


Is there something stronger than the usual rubber cement in the patch
kits? Ideally something that won't dry out so fast or where multiple
cheap small tubes are available.

The reason is that I sometimes have larger holes from side wall
blow-outs. Not inch-long gashes but one or two tenths of an inch long.
The tubes I use are super thick and, therefore, expensive. $15-20 each
and that's not something to be thrown out lightly. Instead of the li'l
REMA patches I need to use thicker rubber from an older sacrified tube
but this has to be vulcanized/cemented really well.

My LBS usually has small sealed tubes of glue. When I see them I buy
four or five and when I open a sealed tube, in the kit on the bike, I
replace it with another sealed one as find the glue has dried up is
not quite so much of a catastrophe at home :-)

Or you might try contact cement what I suspect is what is in the usual
tire patching kit.

By the way, "vulcanizing" implies the use of heat, and sulphur, and I
remember when I was in high school working at a local gas station we
had a clamp that had a sort of cup as part of it. We glued the patch
on than clamped it and filled the cup with gasoline and lit it. When
everything had cooled down the patch seemed to be a part of the tube,
not something glued on.
See: for a modern electrical device to do
the same thing.

John B.


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