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Default Stronger rubber cement?

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Joerg wrote:

Is there something stronger than the usual rubber cement in the
patch kits? Ideally something that won't dry out so fast or where
multiple cheap small tubes are available.

The reason is that I sometimes have larger holes from side wall
blow-outs. Not inch-long gashes but one or two tenths of an
inch long. The tubes I use are super thick and, therefore,
expensive. $15-20 each and that's not something to be thrown
out lightly. Instead of the li'l REMA patches I need to use
thicker rubber from an older sacrified tube but this has to be
vulcanized/cemented really well.

The small REMA patches are some 15mm in diameter. Larger sizes
exist. I believe the next size up is 25mm in diameter and the oval
REMA patches are available. An ebay search should throw up what's
available by mail order.

Same for the the REMA rubber cement. It comes in different size
tubes, including the small ones you mention. Again an Internet
search should show what's available.

I don't usually have problems using REMA patches & glue. However
puncture repairing technique can be as contentious as chain cleaning
and lubrication advice. I'm going to keep my head down :-)
Dennis Davis

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