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Default 105-year old sets new record

On Mon, 09 Jan 2017 10:01:27 -0500, "(PeteCresswell)"

Per Phil Lee:
The fit ones tend to go downhill fast, once they drop off the fitness
level they are accustomed to maintaining.
My grandfather went from running a minimum of 5 miles every morning,
rain, shine, sleet, snow or fog, to his grave in about 18 months after
breaking his hip badly.

A book on aging that I read a bunch of years ago described "Normal
Death" as being pretty much that: good functionality right up to a few
months from the end, then rapid deterioration and death.

The book said that it has become more-and-more common and will increase
in frequency as people learn to and are able to take proper care of

both my grandfathers died that way. Got up in the morning, ate a good
lunch, laid down for a bit of a nap after lunch and never woke up.

I'm not eager to join them but it is probably as good a way to go as

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