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Default 105-year old sets new record

John B. writes:

On Sun, 08 Jan 2017 19:41:17 -0500, Radey Shouman

Frank Krygowski writes:

On 1/8/2017 12:37 PM, Andrew Chaplin wrote:

Pete, I'm given to understand that is isn't the muscles but growth
along the back of the eyeballs that make them a little stiffer. I see
at about 20" and either side I'm fuzzy. But I can pass the driver's eye
test without glasses though I can't read the large signs above the
freeway and either need glasses or to know where I'm going. And no
comments about you know where I'm going as well.

I am astigmatic, which makes things blurry for me, especially close up. I
easily meet the requirements for driving with uncorrrected vision, but my
spectacles reduce strain, so I drive with them on.

I'm a bit myopic, but I'm not required to use glasses for driving. I
have progressive lenses, and it's sometimes nice to get a clearer view
of the instrument panel by using the glasses.

But I've noticed that my night view of the road is significantly
better with the glasses off. It seems at night, anyway, I lose more
vision acuity by glare & reflections with the glasses lenses than I
gain from the slight refractory correction.

BTW, bike content: I'm happy to use the same glasses for riding, as
opposed to special glasses. And as a bonus, my homebrew mirrors clip
onto these glasses. They're tiny enough I stash one in each bike's
bag. No searching for special specs, the funny hat, the mirror that
won't work without it, etc.

So your night vision on the bike is ok with glasses? What's the
difference? I would like to hear some magic for eliminating foggy
glasses and raindrops when riding, but last time the question came up no
good answers were forthcoming.

I believe that any of the concoctions, like Rain-X, that are used on
car windows to promote the dispersal of rain will help somewhat.

I never got much satisfaction out of Rain-X. I do put some goop on my
glasses called "Cat Crap"; I think it's mostly soap, it does help with

Although the real answer is probably glasses with tiny little
"windshield wipers" :-)

Sounds like Darwin in action.


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