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Default 105-year old sets new record

"(PeteCresswell)" writes:

Per Radey Shouman:
I would like to hear some magic for eliminating foggy
glasses and raindrops when riding, but last time the question came up no
good answers were forthcoming.

Three words: "Disposable Contact Lenses".

Excellent advice -- that I won't follow, having got by so far without
ever intentionally sticking in my eye.

I spend more time on the water than most and there are those maddening
days when the temp/humidity is "just so" so that glasses simply won't
stop fogging up... and disposable contacts are the ticket.

I don't even wear two most of the time.... One is enough and it leaves
me good close vision for reading charts and instruments.

Used to wear contacts 100% of the time on water.

Last season I switched to these things (prescription, Polaroid) and I
think they are going to be my SOP except for those fogging days:


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