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Default Need advice on bottom bracket repair

On Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 5:21:37 PM UTC-8, Radey Shouman wrote:
Doug Landau writes:

On Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 4:29:44 PM UTC-8, Radey Shouman wrote:

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On Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 1:18:28 PM UTC-8, AMuzi wrote:
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On Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 11:51:53 AM UTC-8, Theodore Heise wrote:

Yes, another "yikes!" on this. Getting beyond my skill/comfort

Ted, these people have been inundating you with all of these
things that they've never actually done themselves. So they are
advice and not instructions. Andrew Muzi is the only

Usually the reason that a bottom bracket cup with not pull out
is because there was something in the threads when it was
inserted. Or they used the incorrect kind of Loctite.

Since your bike is polished aluminum I assume you've been
careful with it and not left it out in the weather.

If you carefully work the adjustable cup back and forth and it
doesn't gradually start turning out take it to a COMPETENT bike
shop. Even if you force it out eventually there's the chance
that you can damage the frame's finish. A good shop will have
shop quality tools that made this a whole lot less likely.

As I said before, in one case I removed the BB from the fixed
side and then sawed the adjustable cup down ALMOST to the
threads and then the cup would distort enough to allow it to
come out. But that was an awful job and I certainly wouldn't
recommend it. In another case the incorrect loctite was used in
a bottom bracket on a carbon frame and it was twisted so hard
that the liner broke loose from the frame and spun in the bottom
impossible to remove. I'm still deciding to take that frame down
to Santa Cruz so that the carbon people would forcibly remove
the entire liner and repair it back to normal. I NEVER use
loctite that hasn't been applied to a new bottom bracket by the

There is no need in English bottom brackets anyway. And the new
sealed units do not walk out anyway. But tandems are a special
case and I don't think you can get a sealed BB for them. The
spindle length on a tandem is peculiar to the specific bike.

In fact there are not only tandem cartridge BB units in both
spline and square, those have been oem standard for 30 years.

p.s. Mr Slocumb's experience with airplanes and other
equipment makes him very qualified to comment about
mechanical service processes.
Andrew Muzi
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Joshua Slocumb? I didn't realize he flew too.

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I always figured John B. chose his nom de plume after the sloop.

Naa, that would be a lie, and he doesn't lie. (the occasional bluff excepted, of course

You mean they named the sloop after him? I don't think he's quite
*that* old.

This was really good:

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