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Default New Carbon Fiber Information

On Wed, 11 Jan 2017 12:59:03 +1100, James

On 11/01/17 01:48, wrote:
A friend who speaks Italian spoke with a bike builder in Italy who
spoke to Ernesto Colnago. He verified that the problem with Carbon
Fiber aside from possible manufacturing defects is that the resins
grow more and more brittle with age. After two years or so they can
grow so brittle that the ultra-lights can fail at any second. This is
why Colnago will only give two year warranties and why they build
their "light" bikes considerably heavier than other manufacturers.

Have a good ride on your CF when you can get the same weight with an
aluminum frame.

I don't believe age is what causes embrittlement in CFRP, but exposure
to UV light and contaminants that may attack the polymer probably does.

UV causes deterioration of both epoxy and polyester resins so some
sort of UV protection is required, and incorporated, into carbon fiber
bicycles. This could be almost anything from gel-coat to a paint job.

John B.


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