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Default 58% of California is in Heavy Drought.

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On Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 5:12:56 PM UTC-8, Duane wrote:

I'm not a big fan of riding in the rain. If it's pouring when I get up for
work I'm likely to drive. I won't let the threat of rain stop me so I've
been caught in it. I ride my road bike in the rain since I sold the
touring bike. I don't really have problems with the 700c 23s that I use.
I'm running them at 90 psi and they grip well enough. The real problem with
rain for me is the visibility. Both mine and the drivers. As for freezing
rain, forget it.

It isn't the rain that bothers me nearly so much as the drivers in California are terrible to begin with and the rain doesn't make them any better.

California could finance a lot of new infrastructure if they just issued
$500 tickets to anyone driving a grey car that doesn't turn on their
lights in the rain.

The advent of DRLs have made things worse since now you have all these
drivers with only their front DRLs on, with no tail lights.

By God, Sir! I believe that you are correct. But why should
automobiles be singled out? Why not a $500 fine for all highway users
that violate the traffic laws? Like those who were responsible for the
54% of the bicycle - Auto collisions, in which it was possible to
assign blame, investigated by the CHP in Los Angeles' County?

John B.


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