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Default Need advice on bottom bracket repair

On Sat, 14 Jan 2017 16:13:13 -0600,
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On 1/14/2017 3:46 PM, Ted Heise wrote:
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On Monday, January 9, 2017 at 2:15:41 PM UTC-8, Theodore
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AMuzi wrote:
On 1/7/2017 8:33 PM, Theodore Heise wrote:

I have an early 1990s Rodriguez tandem with a rear
bottom bracket in serious need of overhaul [both cups

Just to clarify (I have spent a lot of time with Angel
Rodriguez and in his shop; your BB is BSC threaded) the chain
side (right side when riding) cup is reverse thread. The
non-drive side (clean side, adjustable side, left side)
unscrews like a jar lid.

Okay, after nearly a week of daily Blaster drips, I got
replacement pins last night. Today I was able to get the
adjustable cup out, a bit of back and forth helped.

Now I'm tackling the fixed cup, using the large bolts and
wrenches as described by Sheldon. So far I haven't been able
to get it to budge, and before I spend too much time moosing
on it I want to double confirm it is reverse threaded. In
other words, I should be turning from the outside of the shell
and not from the inside.

Yes but don't suffer for it. R&E (or any competent shop which
commonly services bicycles) will have a right cup tool
(Campagnolo or other) which makes that job very quick.

Your cup has 36mm flats, yes? Much better purchase on those
than simple friction against the face. Secure your tool so it
doesn't slip and damage the cup, the finish or your fingers.

Yes, my Park tool (HCW4) with fixed pins at one end is labeled 36
mm--I believe for the end with flats for the fixed cup end. It
fits the fixed cup.

I will stop by the hardware store later this morning (when it
opens) to get a larger washer so I can use the 5/8" bolt and nut
to keep the cup tool in place when wrenching with it.

If that doesn't work (which I expect), I will be taking the frame
in to my LBS (taking to heart your "don't suffer for it" advice).

Ted Heise Bloomington, IN, USA

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