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Default Curiosity Killed the Cat

Joy Beeson considered Sun, 15 Jan 2017
22:51:03 -0400 the perfect time to write:

On Sun, 15 Jan 2017 12:13:50 +0700, John B.

But. Was the cat riding a bicycle?

My neighbor's cat used to love to ride on my bicycle. I had a pair of
nylon panniers that draped over the rack, so the cloth connecting them
made a solid platform that he could get his claws into. Whenever he
jumped up there, I'd take a few laps in the driveway. (I think he
would have gone travelling with me, but I was afraid to take him out
into traffic.)

Once I leaned the bike against the garage and went inside for quite a
while. When I came out again, Tiger was still sitting on the rack, so
I took him on another lap.

We used to have a cat called Tiger, who delighted in traveling on the
parcel shelf in the back of our car (carpet on that, for him to cling
on to).
He'd sit there unmoving for ages, until we got caught in traffic, then
stand up, stretch elaborately, turn around, and lay down again, much
to the surprise of any other surrounding motorists, who'd assumed he
was a toy until he moved. We got used to kids pointing him out with
excitement to their amused parents, and on occasion even had to wind
down the window to inform them that yes, he really was a live cat, and
he liked to travel that way

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