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On Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 7:45:49 AM UTC-8, wrote:
Hi Peers,

I am Maria. I love to cycle and have few bikes. Been thinking about building a bike myself or for my kid.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Share with me your experience?


When you first start building bikes you'll find it very frustrating since there are a lot of things that aren't very obvious with new components such a Brifters. And you have to know things like the brake bolts come in various lengths but use all of the same brakes with only the requirement to buy new bolts if you have the incorrect ones. Installing many things like chains and cables and removing things like cranksets use specialized tools which are prohibitively expensive in a bike shop so you have to order them on-line which means you have to know what you're ordering.

So, be aware that there is a lot of initial frustration and waiting when you initially start but it gets a lot easier over multiple builds.

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