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Default When I saw that it was snowing, I changed to thinner socks.

On Mon, 18 Jan 2021 00:04:30 -0500, Joy Beeson

On Mon, 18 Jan 2021 07:38:25 +0700, John B.

I don't have corns but I believe that there is a treatment for them. I
read that there "patches" that can be applied to remove them.

Of course, one also has to have shoes that fit correctly :-)

That last is not an option for me. The last time I knew what my shoe
size was, it was seven and a half A/D on a Walker Last, and I was much
younger then, so it probably wouldn't fit if I could find it.

When shoe shopping I used to count it as a triumph if the clerk said
they didn't have combination lasts -- it meant that he knew what a
combination last was.

"Walker", it turns out, is a very poor search term, and I've never
been able to find out what a "walker last" is. I think it was a brand

I used to remove my corns, but as long as they don't hurt, I leave
them be, and they don't hurt if I don't wear shoes.

Not too long after moving here in 2001, I went to the huge shoe store
where the Counting House Bank used to be and had a professional select
me a pair of shoes -- all the other clerks gathered around to watch
the fitting and learn how it's done. The shoes felt wonderful; when I
walked in them, I felt as though someone were pushing me from behind.

Gave me the worst set of corns I ever had.

My cycling shoes don't aggravate corns; perhaps it's because they lace
to the toe. Probably doesn't hurt that I refuse to walk in them.

I also have a pair of lace-to-the-toe dancing boots that I bought at a
theatrical-supply store; wearing those is like running around in
stocking feet, except there is no risk of slipping. I haven't worn
them since my last airplane trip. Since that trip left me crippled
for a week, I'll probably never fly again. The boots aren't suitable
for outdoor wear, and I always go barefoot in the house, so they have
been on the shelf for years.

Try fitting shoes like the Army used to do. Stand on the "last" hold
your hands up at shoulder level and have someone place a 25 lb. weight
in each hand :-) When I enlisted I was rather upset when they issued
me my boots - They are too big!" - and the Sergeant says "No they
aren't" and after a few days of marching I agreed with him.

Over here of course no one wears shoes in the house and out in the
country villages you might still see a large vat of water and a dipper
by the front entrance so you can wash your feet before you enter.

John B.


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