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Default Mistaken for a Police bike?

Now it's dark on my urban commute I decided to get a high vis flashing
LED light. The Cateye EL200 I bought is extemely bright (even had a
comment from a passing cyclist to that effect so it most be good), but
has a strange but perhaps useful feature in its flashing mode. When
approaching stationary or slow moving queues (normally aiming to go
down the middle of the road) the cars pull over to the side! I can
only assume they think its some sort of emergency vehicle (though god
knows what exactly!) as this isn't the standard treatment from
Carlisle motorists. I've even had a kid ask whether I am a police

I'm not sure how long this will last, and I geuss eventually some
motorists may cotton-on and then become awkward. I've not been
stopped by the police yet but would not be surprised if I was. What's
the legal status of flashing front (or come to that rear) lights and
the bluish colour? And could I be charged with impersonating a police

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