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Default Mistaken for a Police bike?

SPG wrote:
Now it's dark on my urban commute I decided to get a high vis flashing
LED light. The Cateye EL200 I bought is extemely bright (even had a
comment from a passing cyclist to that effect so it most be good), but
has a strange but perhaps useful feature in its flashing mode. When
approaching stationary or slow moving queues (normally aiming to go
down the middle of the road) the cars pull over to the side!

I get that a bit, too, even by an ambulance recently. Certainly more
reaction and caution from motorists in general since I got an EL200.

I can
only assume they think its some sort of emergency vehicle (though god
knows what exactly!)

They're reacting to the flashing blue light itself - they don't bother
figuring out the kind of vehicle and may not even be able to see you at
all and just see the light through mirrors or refelecting off something.
Might be an idea to get an even bigger and bluer flasher! Seriously
though, I don't really want people thinking I'm an emergency vehicle.
It's important that people react properly to them and they might get
complacent or confused with more emergency-style lights about.

I tend to switch mine to steady mode on the darkest roads or when I'm
stuck stationary traffic, especially when facing oncoming vehicles - so
they get a better fix on where I am and don't get too annoyed/confused,

I've even had a kid ask whether I am a police man!

I had that once, before I had the light, in the daytime!! Weird. I can
only think it was because I was riding slowly wearing black and white
clothes that looked very very vaguely like a police uniform and maybe I
had some kind of sarcastic look on my face at the time :-)



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