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Default Mistaken for a Police bike?

"SPG" wrote in message
Now it's dark on my urban commute I decided to get a high vis flashing
LED light.

I have a non-flashing HL-300- but since purchasing a hi-vis yellow Altura
jacket I have been mistaken for the old bill on a number of occasions;
particularly in the part of Reading where I live (fairly near to Guy) as its
seen as a "village" (more a suburb) and sometimes there are bobbies on

What really made me laugh though was being mistaken for a particular bobby
who was recently featured in the local cycling club magazine. Particularly

1. He is considerably older than me (he was the area beat officer in my
teenage days)
2. He is white with ginger hair (I am Asian with black hair)
3. TVP cops don't normaly ride tourers! (uniformed have mountain bikes with
POLICE logo and blues/siren, CID have "normal" brands)
4. His helmet has "POLICE" on the front of it and possibly "HB"( force
callsign) on the back (Big giveaway this one)

Methinks those young scallies need to brush up their observation skills (or
perhaps visit the opticians!). But as for the motorists, it makes you wonder
what guilty consciences they must have, if they become that paranoid just at
the sight of a yellow jacket.

Heck, I used to be a raver and in my youth certainly "lived life close to
the line" and I'm not *that* paranoid!



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