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Edward Dolan
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"DiscoDuck" wrote in message
(DiscoDuck) wrote in message
. com...

Today I rode my bike without a helmet. I am fine.
The only real risk was that posed by the Police.

I will post here EVERYDAY until I prove law proponants point (which be
defination means I will be unable to post here since I would be either
a) dead, or b) suffer a serious head injury).

I suggest everyone else do the same.

I suggest you go **** yourself you stupid asshole.

Just exactly where are you riding your bike. I will make it a point to
bounce you off my vehicle and we will see if your cranium is thick enough to
protect you from the impact of my vehicle on your stupid head.

The main thing though is try not to think. You are not capable of it.
Instead, just pedal your damn bike and do not post any more messages here to
this board as you are making a complete ass of yourself.

****ing Regards,

Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota


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