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Edward Dolan
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"DiscoDuck" wrote in message
"Edward Dolan" wrote in message
I suggest everyone else do the same.

I suggest you go **** yourself you stupid asshole.

Just exactly where are you riding your bike. I will make it a point to
bounce you off my vehicle and we will see if your cranium is thick enough
protect you from the impact of my vehicle on your stupid head.

NOw who is threatening who? I'm in Victoria, BC. Bring it on, goof.
As a matter of fact, make the trip and lets discuss it. I betcha you
won't because you're too chicken, and you're soo frustrated by you
disfunctional pee-wee.

It is just a matter of time until some local slob there in BC hits you with
his vehicle. As for me making a trip anywhere, that is out of the question.
My traveling days are over. My bladder won't permit it and neither will
various other body parts. And so it goes.

The funniest people in the world are those who think they are going to live
forever in good health because they imagine they are doing something that is
healthy. What a laugh that is. We are all of us going to fail and die right
on schedule regardless of what measures we take for the sake of our health.
I do think one will feel better if one gets some physical activity, but that
is about all that physical activity will do for you. Even as you sit there
reading these words of mine, every cell in your body is aging ... aging ...
aging. Kind of like rust working away on steel.

The main thing though is try not to think. You are not capable of it.

THis coming from someone who said he doesn't need to form opinions as
subjects since the politicians (whom he calls expertrs in every
field). LOL.

Instead, just pedal your damn bike and do not post any more messages here
this board as you are making a complete ass of yourself.

Stop me, Eddy-boy. Come on I DARE YOU!!!!!

My God! It rains every day of the year there in Victoria. You are living in
a rain forest, temperate version. I prefer the deserts of the Southwest.
Death Valley suits me much better than soggy old Victoria. That is probably
why you quack like a duck all the time.


Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota


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