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On 02 Sep 2004 19:35:02 +0100, Ambrose Nankivell


On 02 Sep 2004 18:44:23 +0100, Ambrose Nankivell


Can anyone say if any of these bikes are any good. They sell at
auction for 40-50 pounds. Sorry about the caps (cut and paste job).

24V A Peugeot 21 speed gents mountain bike with alloy wheels and
Shimano GS gears.

25v An Apollo gents Manic mountain bike with 18 speed Shimano gears
and alloy wheels.

29V Universal Rapid Reactor gents mountain cycle in black

31V A Shogun Trail Breaker gents mountain cycle in black.

These four don't have suspension and are thus worth the effort. Avoid
all the others like the plague.

thanks, what is so bad about suspension on a bike ?

Nothing, as long as it is designed with proper damping and machined to
very fine tolerances. Such constraints make it cost at least 400 for
the frame.

snip helpful comments

thanks for that. I may just buy on of those four and make the
adjustments you recommend. Let you know how it goes.


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