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Default New B&M 100lux headlight.

On Mon, 18 Dec 2017 00:03:40 -0800, sms

As an aside, related to "dark bicycle infrastructure," I inquired from
our traffic engineer as to whether or not a new planned path would have
lighting, and he said, "probably not" since it will be on Santa Clara
County Water District land and they don't want lighting in riparian
areas, even though in this case it's not a creek, just a drainage ditch.
I'd like to see lighting as it will end up being a heavily used
multi-use trail if it is ever built, including night and early morning.

No problem. Just issue flashlights and bicycle lights at the
beginning of the trail, and have riders deposit them in a bin at the
other end. The total cost of such lights would probably be less than
the cost of the environmental impact study needed to build anything in
a riparian corridor. If economics don't work out to the council's
liking, then invent the flashlight and bicycle light vending machine.

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