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Joy Beeson
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Default AG: Skipping a week

Half an our before bedtime, with my suitcases packed, I realize that
I'm going to be disconnected when it's time for the next installment,
and I'm not just about to write something tonight.

I'm taking a laptop, but the drafts for potential posts aren't on it.
And I don't think Agent runs on FREEDOS anyway. Not to mention that
my time is scheduled.

I'm not taking the bike. I'm not even taking my walker.

Seriously considered the walker. If it didn't occupy the entire
trunk, and wasn't such a hassle to fit in, I would take it. Pushing a
walker is splendid exercise when I'd otherwise have to work at not
limping. The hotel has an exercise room, but that's BORING.
Fortunately, it also has staircases.

Yours incoherently,
Joy Beeson

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