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Default Another racing cyclist that cannot handle a hill, dies.

Kerr-Mudd,John wrote:
On Wed, 22 May 2019 18:00:46 GMT, "Mr Pounder Esquire"

GB wrote:
On 22/05/2019 17:07, Mr Pounder Esquire wrote:

I think that GB has personal health problems from what I've read.
He was always okay on newsgroups, but has turned a bit nasty

Good point. There's no reason to be ghastly to others just because
my life has taken a turn for the worse.

We have had our differences, but I've always respected your point of
view - even if I did not agree with it

I'm hoping I'll go through a couple of major operations and emerge
more or less okay. Or I'll die, which is second best but okay. It's
the third possibility of surviving but broken that is so upsetting.
I know that people do soldier on with terrible problems, and I
admire them for having the courage, but I'm dreading that outcome.
Definitely DNR.

I don't know him, but I wish him all the best.

Thanks. Appreciated.

All of my hopes, and I do know what DNR means.

Do Not Resuscitate. HTH.

Did you actually understand my above posting where I said that I understood
Was my posting too difficult for you?


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