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On Fri, 9 Sep 2016 09:13:43 -0700, NFN Smith

John B. wrote:
I would add "elbow room" to "speed". Two pedestrians can, if
necessary, sort of side step close to each other and get through a
space narrower than the usual bicycle handle bars :-)


Although it's more common with keeping motorcycles off footpaths, I've
occasionally seen posts placed narrowly enough together to prevent a
bicycle from passing, without having to dismount, and lift over such a
barricade. Most common would be bridges, or gaps in fences.


Here (Bangkok) we have a large number of pedestrian bridges over 4 - 8
lane highways. In some cases they have ramps as opposed to steps to
reach the overpass portion and invariably they have posts set at the
entrances to prevent small motor cycles, of which we have multitudes,
from using them.

John B.


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