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Default AG: Seasons changing?

On Monday morning I washed my do-rag, then hung it to dry on a lamp
instead of on my brake cable, because I meant to put it away for the

On Monday afternoon, when I needed to pick up my pills at the
supermarket, I started to tie on my sheer linen scarf -- then threw it
onto the shelf and went back into the house to take the do-rag off the

After Thursday's quarter century, I hung it to dry on the brake cable.
Weather Underground says I'll need it for at least another week.

Today's ride was almost too cool for a sheer linen jersey. Didn't
want the scarf, and I did sweat some.

================================================== ==================

There are four half-baked or embryonic posts in the buffer. Perhaps
I'll finish one by next week.

Joy Beeson
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