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Joy Beeson
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Default AG: I hung my bike up for the winter

27 November 2018

Yesterday we made room in the garage for the car. One of the things
in its space was my Trek Pure bicycle-shaped object, which I use as a
pedal-powered wheelchair.

Spouse had installed a pulley system in his shop for storing the
Raleigh Pro we later gave to his great-nephew, so we rolled the Pure
out there; the pulley system needed only to have the rope put back on
one of the pulleys (which we discovered with the bike halfway up) and
a new cleat to tie the rope off with.

It took both of us to get it up there, but I can get it down by
myself. Today I can. I fretted that I might not be able to if I
needed it, but he said that I can send him to get it down and bring it
around front.

Joy Beeson
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