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On 17/12/2018 6:50 p.m., Joy Beeson wrote:

Saturday's Times-Union says that the "Bike Share" bikes were scheduled
to be picked and stored this weekend. They were still in the rack
when I last passed by, but I don't think I came that way yesterday.

Putting them away for the winter makes it definite that they are
strictly for the tourists. As if the lack of facilities for one-way
trips hadn't already made that plain. I spoke to a representative of
the folks pushing "bike share" at some event last summer, and said "We
need to have more racks than bicycles . . . " He truncated my
statement after "racks" and launched his canned speech about how we
need lots more stations, each shoe-horned absolutely full of very
expensive bikes.

I'm all for more docking stations, but if they intended this program
for transportation, they would get the bikes for the new stations by
taking one or two from each of the existing stations, leaving people
who want to ride from one station to another a place to park.

The Bixies in Montreal just got picked up for the winter. It was
supposed to have been a pretty successful year. T

I guess with the amount of snow here the logistics of maintaining them
is an issue but there are certainly less people on bikes here once the
snow starts.

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