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Default Unicycle with three wheels???

J. M. Philips wrote:
Hi There, I was thrift store shopping the other day and I saw a
(sort-of) Unicycle; except it had three wheels... The main wheel (hence
unicycle) but it had a small bar protruding from the front with two
small (furniture type) rollers. I remember seeing this in the 90s but I
can't remember the name. Sound amiliar to anyone??? Thanks in advance-

I've never heard of anything like what you described but multiple
wheeled unicycles are quite common. They have their wheel on top of each
other and they drive each other. I'm actually about to make myself a 2
wheeled unicycle with two 12" wheels. The wheels will be on top of each
other so to go forwards, the rider will have to pedal backwards. They're
apparently quite tricky to ride.


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