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Default Mountain biking is dangerous

A summary report of how dangerous mountain biking is in just one locale. I never waste any time feeling sorry for these scofflaws. but it does at times seem like the punishment exceeds the crime. I wouldn't want to end up a quadriplegic, but maybe some think it might be worth it.

“Every day our emergency room doctors see concussions, broken bones, internal bleeding, organ damage and head and spine injuries,” Carsley says in the video. “Last year over 100 bikers needed **major** emergency surgery.” Those numbers do not cover the gamut of common injuries incurred in mountain biking requiring surgery, ie. broken arms, collarbones, etc.

North Vancouver was next with 13 **serious incidents** in 2014-15, which is up from four in 2013-14.The actual numbers are very concerning. CBC News even reported, earlier, that children attending those MTB camps proliferating on the North Shore have experienced injuries which have sent them to emergency for surgery, etc, ie. broken arms, etc.

Please, let's not continue to whitewash the facts about this inherently dangerous sport on our mountain slopes. It isn't doing anyone any favours.

According to the, North Vancouver's mountain bike rag, more proof the MTB injury rate may be far higher:
"If you have been mountain biking for more than a couple of years you’ve visited an ER. Many of us have ridden in the meatwagon at least once. Broken bones, stitches, dislocations, concussions, contusions – a guy I know had his eyeball dislodged by a branch; pretty much anything can happen. What I’m getting it is that mountain biking is [email protected] dangerous. If this is breaking news for you I’m sorry, but your time will come. There is a price to pay for the immeasurable joy this means of transport brings us.

"Whistler doesn’t publish the numbers but I’ve heard from those in emergency medicine that the injury rate in the summer vastly exceeds thewinter (10x is the stat I heard). Bike parks are one thing, but each of us knows that a humiliating and painful crash can happen on our local trail on a move we have successfully ridden hundreds of times."

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great – Minnesota


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