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Default The Biking-Hiking Wars

It warms the cockles of my heart to see hikers and other civilized folks
striking back at the mountain biker hoodlums.

"Shocking sabotage of Irish biking event could have killed, organisers say

13:17, 3 Jul 2016
By Chris Kilpatrick

Competitors can hit speeds of up to 40mph - but logs, rocks and string were
discovered on the track were discovered just a day before the event

String seen tied between trees

Organisers of a mountain biking event in Ireland have said there could have
been "serious injuries, if not a fatality" had logs, rocks and string strewn
across a track not been spotted ahead of the race.

Competitors in the First Tracks Enduro Cup race taking place in Kilbroney
Park at Rostrevor, Co Down can hit speeds of up to 40mph and marshals
discovered the items just a day before the event.

Marshals found the items yesterday and say string was tied at head height
between some trees.

A race organiser told Belfast Live: "It is so dangerous.

"It was premeditated as the items used were not items normal walkers would
usually carry.

"If it hadn't been spotted there would almost certainly have been serious
injuries, if not a fatality."

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great – Minnesota


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