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On Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 1:21:44 PM UTC-5, Joy Beeson wrote:
Today I learned that unless it's actully below the freezing point, it
is *not* too early in the spring to start carrying ice.

First I bought a jar of refrigerated Kim Chee. Okay, there's a bottle
of chilled tea in my insulated pannier for thermal mass, the cajun
sesame sticks provide a little extra insulation, an it won't hurt kim
chee to get a little bit too warm for a short time.

Then I stopped at Penguin Point, and had to pass up the fried-chicken
lunch box because there was no way I could bring left-over chicken
home in a non-toxic condition.

I had chile cheese fries, which I can eat in one sitting.

And it was good.

There was a sour end to a perfect day. After stopping at umpty-bump
garage sales, I got to Lowe's and Walmart too tired to shop for a
raised flower bed, so I decided to look over the shoes, buy a can of
frozen orange juice to cool the kim chee, have a pretzel pizza for
supper, and go home.

I did find an acceptable pair of sandals: very thick, stiff soles,
velcro straps at the toes and heels so I can vary the number of pairs
of socks, instep strap to hold it firmly in place. It was size ten. A
*man*'s size ten, and I take a six in men's shoes.

After an hour spent inspecting every frozen food several times without
finding anything closer to fruit juice than strawberry daiquiri mix, I
decided to skip the pizza -- it was too late to linger, and I was too
grumpy to enjoy it -- fill my water bottle, and go home.

The water fountains were "closed until further notice".

I didn't notice until I'd committed myself to eating my emergency bar
standing up that I was across the street from Zimmer Biomet's picnic


i do stuff like that all the time


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