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Default Cycling into Canary Wharf

On 2017-09-13, Nick wrote:
On 13/09/2017 09:11, Nick wrote:
On 12/09/2017 19:04, Tim Woodall wrote:
I've started a new job and I now have a commute that it's worth cycling
(previous commute took about as long by bike as by foot when you include
the time getting the brompton out onto the road and folded up again at
the other end)

But I'm failing miserably at working out how to get into Canary Wharf -
in particular to the Jubilee Park car park.

My plan is to come along the A13, A1261, turn right onto Westferry Road,
up onto Westferry Circus, West India Avenue (and then it's easy) but I'm
struggling at getting onto westferry circus upper level. I keep ending
up on the underground bit.

Go up the ramp in the middle of the road (westferry)?

FWIW I always preferred The Highway or Cable Street to Commercial Road,
but I haven't done it this Millenium so my memory is hazy.

I'm coming from Commercial Street so Cable Street and The Highway are a
bit further. Once I've got my cycling legs back properly I might give
them a try and see. IIRC the openstreetmap cycling planner suggested
cable street, I think due to no traffic lights. But so far I've got
through most of them on the A13.



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