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Default Cycling into Canary Wharf

On 13/09/2017 18:07, Tim Woodall wrote:

I'm coming from Commercial Street so Cable Street and The Highway are a
bit further. Once I've got my cycling legs back properly I might give
them a try and see. IIRC the openstreetmap cycling planner suggested
cable street, I think due to no traffic lights. But so far I've got
through most of them on the A13.

Cable Street isn't really much further. As I remember it, Cable Street
is good for less traffic fumes but not so good for fast riding. It used
to have a stupid wrong way bike lane, which could cause problems with
cars coming out of junctions.

Oh well. I'm sure you'll work it out soon.

Around Commercial Street is a much nicer place to work. Canary Wharf
reminds me of the Asimov Story, Caves of Steel.


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