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Default Need advice on bottom bracket repair

On Sun, 8 Jan 2017 17:27:33 -0500, Frank Krygowski

On 1/8/2017 12:08 PM, AMuzi wrote:
On 1/7/2017 8:33 PM, Theodore Heise wrote:
Hi all,

I have an early 1990s Rodriguez tandem with a rear bottom bracket
in serious need of overhaul. The cranks flop severely.

I've pulled the cranks and the lock ring on the left side, but the
adjustable cup won't come out. It turns about a quarter turn, but
then gets too stiff to turn further. It has no flats for a wrench
instead having holes for turning with a pin spanner--so I'm unable
to put a lot of force on it.

I've soaked it with WD40, but still no joy. Any advice for me?

Delco 10.4020 penetrant is the best, PC Blaster is good. Warming with a
heat gun can help.

If no other path, flats can be cut on the cup with a disc grinder to
allow a wrench instead of those brittle expensive pins.

p.s. Try the right side cup too. If that moves, you can easily deal with
the left one after disasssembly.

I too have had much better luck with PB Blaster or old-style Liquid
Wrench than with WD-40.

There is a recipe for "home made penetrating fluid" I found on the web
- equal measures of kerosene, ATF, mineral spirits, and acetone - that
worked really well the time or two I tried it. The problem with it is
I cold never find a bottle to store it in that the acetone didn't
evaporate :-(

I'm not sure what the kerosene and mineral spirits actually add to the
concoction as neither have much lubricity and are both of a higher
viscosity than acetone so I suspect that the 50% ATF and 50% acetone
mix that I've also seen recommended probably works as well.

John B.


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