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On Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 2:50:30 AM UTC+1, James wrote:
On 11/01/17 10:06, wrote:

What - are you the punk kid of the group?

Nah, you're just an old geezer, Tom.

Your bike isn't geared
particularly low. These days I'm seeing more and more compacts with a
34 on the back. And I thought my 39-28 was cheating after the 39-25.
But I do carry a triple now do that anything over 14% I use the 30-25
or so. But there are VERY few extended climbs over 12% around here.

My 8.4kg bike (includes cages and pedals) carries me up 20% grades with
a 39x23 low gear.


39x23 on longer stretches (more than a couple of 100 meters) of 20% is impressive but as Jobst once said 'not everyone is blessed with bad knees and/or a small motor'.


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