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Joy Beeson
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I spent more time dressing than I spent on the bike yesterday. It's
so BORING to just ride around in circles that I dropped off some stuff
that doesn't fit at Our Father's House, then went to the courthouse to
work out on the steps, and called that a ride.

This time, instead of counting my laps, I recorded the time I spent on
the steps. It was about a third of an hour, and I can ride six miles
in an hour at that level of exertion, so I count the steps as two
extra miles. That makes the total ride about equivalent to riding to
the dentist and back.

I miss my semi-annual stop at Marsh after getting my teeth cleaned.
Not Covid19; Marsh went broke several years ago, and were soon
followed by the original Kroger, and now the nearest thing to a
grocery on the west side of town is a gas station. Dollar General
also has a little food. But I don't think that the people who live in
Retired Tigers can walk to either.

My phone informed me that I must wear my zip-front heavy wool jersey
from now on, so that I can carry the phone in an inside pocket. It
wasn't all that cold, and my two previous phones never complained or
malfunctioned even when I had to blow into my bottle to keep ice out
of the valve.

There were streaks of molasses (or something) on Main Street, and sure
enough, it's snowing now.

I had to ride pretty close to the mayor's beloved "bike lane" to keep
my tires clean, but there was almost no overtaking traffic, and
overtaking drivers could see that my tires were outside the fog line
before I moved over.

Joy Beeson
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