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On 12/18/20 12:08 PM, mac wrote:

I'm debating whether to convert to my "ice bike" (with studded tires) or
stay with my general purpose MTB that has hybrid tires on it (smooth
center section with knobs on the sides).

What do you do a out road salt corrosion?

Never really have had a problem.

The ice bike is a fairly nice, old Aluminum frame bike (Trek 7000) which
I use as an ice bike in the winter (studded tires and more powerful home
made 12V lighting) and a "boat bike" during sailing season. It's
actually physically too small for me but with stem extensions and 180mm
seat post, is very usable. LX gearing is good and the small frame size
make storage inside the boat cabin easier and out of the way.

It was a freebie dumpster queen that I salvaged when students left the
combination office and housing where I worked for a time, so it isn't a
concern for me to keep "protected".

It has served me well for over 10 years, perhaps half of that time as an
ice bike. No corrosion problems ever (so far).


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