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On 15 Sep 2004 21:23:38 -0700, (Mark) wrote:

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Pete Chisholm's shop was featured in the Boulder _Daily Camera_ today.,00.html



Bravo! Nice article. And it's doubly nice to see a shop, where the
roadie is King! Hope this trend catches on. Mark D.

I liked the article too. I was really impressed by the top five
mechanics in the country honors.

I'm probably lucky I got my wheels last spring, as the price will no
doubt be going up;-) Actually, I now have a little over 1600 miles on
them and they are still true. I personally think it is worth it to pay
a little more to get a set of wheels, that you can trust.

So, congrats Peter on a job well done and thanks for a really good set
of wheels.

Life is Good!

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