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Default Pro-Vandeman antelope "touches" mountain biker

On Oct 16, 5:21*pm, RicodJour wrote:
On Oct 16, 12:19*pm, Andre Jute wrote:

On Oct 16, 5:15*am, RicodJour wrote:
On Oct 15, 7:13*pm, Andre Jute wrote:

Grazing Antelope would have been a better subject line.

A buck that size grazing you with its hooves is dangerous enough...

What interests me is how the antelope could have misjudged the speed
of the bicyclist so badly when there was so much open space.

That wasn't a mistake - the _buck_ was clearing out a competitor. *Did
a fair dinkum job of it, too.


Just as well that with a rack like that the antelope didn't think it
was Al Gore, or that mountainbiker would have ended up Holy.


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