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Default The Joys & Pleasures of Cycling on Trails

My views are those of all serious
hikers, who by nature tend to be solitary. We solitary types

occasionally get
together and exchange views, but it is not really necessary because I

KNOW what
all serious hikers want on the trail - some communion with nature. We

can't get
that with bikers whizzing around us.

I think you'll find that you are rather a small minority these

days ... but, anyway, I enjoy communing with nature too and am not unsympathetic
to the notion that some trails be designated 'quiet'.* However, you want
the whole bloody trail network allocated to you alone !

Bikers need to get their own trails where they can do their
sport. We hikers who commune with nature do not want them on OUR

Did you build them ... no.

Do you own the land ... no.

Does the mission of the Parks Authority give you special status ... no.

Therefore, I think you'll find, they are definitely NOT your trails.

You simply do not know how to read.
I stated that for the past hundred years or so they have been given

over to
hikers. That statement assumes for anyone who can read that that use

continue forever. Learn how to read between the lines if that is even


Oh, I know how to read ... you're just to dumb to

understand.* You shot yourself in the foot right at the outset by admitting
that hiking was a use which came along AFTER the trails were already

Given that use was changed for the recreation of hiking there is

no logical reason why it can't be changed again to permit other recreations
too.* Your hundred years argument is pointless ... mountainbikes didn't
exist a hundred years ago just as, three hundred years ago, very few individuals
hiked for recreation.

Some changes destroy forever what was precious. We do not want
trails ever to be for anything but for the contemplation of nature. Cyclists are
doing a sport which has no place on hiking trails. You are mixing the profane
with the sacred.

Get over yourself ! You may feel it's a 'profane' use but no one agrees with you. This is the language of extremism.

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