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On 8/8/19 7:56 am, AK wrote:
I am shopping for a hydration pack.

The bottle route does not supply enuf water for long rides.

I would appreciate feedback from users.

Like make/model of what you use.


Do you mean a camelbak sort of thing?

They're good for MTBing where you can't readily take a hand of the bars,
and there's no bottle to bounce out of a cage, but for road riding I'd
not go that way.

Can you fit at least 2 water bottles within the main frame triangle?

I think you can get oversize bottles too, up to a litre or so?

In very hot (40C) and humid weather, I drink about 1 to 1.5 litres per
hour. My 2x 750ml bottles are just enough to get me from one town to
the next around here.

My latest acquisition is a gravel/touring bike. The frame has room for
3 bottles on the main triangle, and another 2 on the fork!


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