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On Wed, 07 Aug 2019 14:56:33 -0700, AK wrote:

I am shopping for a hydration pack.

I've never like any pack wiggling around on my back whilst riding.

The bottle route does not supply enuf water for long rides.

I bumped the water bottle holding capacity up to five off the frame. That
was two inside, one hanging off the downtube and one off each fork. There
was also options to mount a pair off the handlebars, but I prefered mine

To stop bottles bouncing out, I used a custom cut "rubber band", If you
know the methof of slicing beans diagonally, I made them that way from
old "thornproof" tubes. It leaves a nice tab you can grip with your
fingers to obtain access.

I would appreciate feedback from users.

Like make/model of what you use.

Used a rack(front or rear) and a simple saddle bags set of panniers. then
you can carry whatever amount of water you need. I think my panniers can
carry a 5L bottle each. That is 1(UK)gallonn or 1.3(US)gallon.

If the sloshing worries you, you can just load up a number of market
water bottles these days. In those days, the give away gimmick was water
bottles and I have a box of them from that source I could use.


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